Safeguarding Children PolicyP01
Parent Involvement PolicyP02
Special Educational Needs PolicyP03
Transitions PolicyP04
Fees PolicyP05
Complaints PolicyP06
Equipment PolicyP07
Confidentiality and Data Protection PolicyP08
Sun Protection PolicyP09
Health & Safety PolicyP10
Retirement PolicyP11
Admissions PolicyP12
Student Placement PolicyP13
Non-Collected and Collected Children PolicyP14
Equality and Diversity PolicyP15
Food and Drink PolicyP16
Behaviour Management PolicyP17
Emergency Treatment PolicyP18
Training PolicyP19
Developing PolicyP20
Whistleblowing PolicyP21
Settling-in PolicyP22
Accusation Against Staff Member PolicyP23
Swine Flu PolicyP24
Planning PolicyP25
Staff Recruitment PolicyP26
Emergency Closure PolicyP27
Staffing Emergency Closure PolicyP28
Employment and Staff PolicyP29
Safeguarding Children PolicyP30
Parents’ Policy Review Signature SheetP31
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