Photos wanted

We need photos to put in our book. Please see if you can dig out 5 pictures of e.g. the family on an outing, or your pets, so that the children can talk to us about home, etc.

Your child’s drawer

Please look in your child’s drawer regularly, and take their work home.  Sometimes there is important information in the drawer, for example, party invites, letters, etc.  Also keep an eye on the noticeboards for any late breaking information about The Young Ones activities, closure dates, etc.


There is a lot of information you can get from Ofsted about what you should expect of a facility such as The Young Ones. Check the links on our Certificate of Registration on the ‘About’ page. You can also find out about and compare other child care groups in the local area.

The Gate

The Young Ones is situated in the grounds of Preston Academy. There is a security gate at the main entrance, please contact us beforehand if you would like to come and view our access and security.


For the hourly fee rate, please phone 01935 433365 – Play School, After School and Play Scheme. Parents can be as flexible as they like with attendance hours to suit their schedule and/or budget.

Please take a look at our survey

If you have children attending The Young Ones, please take a moment to respond to our questionnaire.

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